Okay, you’ve had enough laughs for today so stop staring at the picture and just read on…

My name is Charlie Cheng Yen Hui. Please refer to me as Charlie if you’re in a good mood. Otherwise, you may call me any name you want.

I was born on December 6, 1988 in Kedah, Malaysia. I am of Chinese descent but is a Malaysian citizen by birth. I have a Diploma in Interactive Software with specialization in game development. Currently I am taking Advance Diploma in Science cum Bachelor Degree in Campbell University.

I have a penchant for game development and game design. I am kind of an initiative and independent person. I love challenges, which I will push hard and put in my full effort to solve every single problem.

Besides, I like outing and exploring the new experience so that I can learn new knowledge and skills. I like traveling a lot because I get to take pictures of places, people, and things related to a country’s culture.

For overall, I would like to describe myself as a responsible and self-motivated person, and I always fulfill the needs and requirements of lecturers and leaders with high production quality. Last but not least, I would like to say,

I am not the best, but I do my best.



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Charlie Cheng


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